The city parks

Cagliari is unanimously recognized as a city devoted to the enhancement of “public greenery”. There are many areas that have been reorganized to provide citizens and visitors with public meeting spaces surrounded by the peace of nature.

The most important are:

– Parco del colle di San Michele (253.000 m²)
– Park of Monte Claro (250.000 m²)
– Park of Monte Urpinu (247.000 m²)
– Park of Terramaini (127.000 m²)
– Park of Music (50.000 m²)
– Botanical Garden (50.000 m²)
– Park of ex Glassworks Factory Pirri (25.000 m²)
– Public gardens (17.000 m²)
– Garden under the walls (6500 m²)

To these we can add the Nature Park of Molentargius-Saline (16.000.000 m²) and the lagoon of Santa Gilla (13.500.000 m²) which are two of the most important wetlands of the Mediterranean basin.


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